Sideline – Second Phone Number For Android

Sideline – Second Phone Number For Android

The second phone number add-on gives your smartphone a second phone number, so you can easily share your contacts without any hassle.

The sideline is more than just the second line for you and your business. A flexible personal communication app that provides job numbers available to customers. Not individual.

Already thousands of professionals use sideline to communicate with customers, turning them into dedicated secondary phone numbers that provide customers with a professional caller ID and keep the professional secondary phone number separate from the personal number.

Sidline creates custom business numbers to connect with customers, build small businesses, and make managing all your contacts and communications quick and easy. Basically, you get a dedicated personal job number without the hassle of buying a second phone.

Sideline is the second line designed for professionals, offering amazing features such as:

Sideline – Second Phone Number For Android

If the auto-reply action line does not answer the call, the seed line will automatically respond to the custom personal message.

Teamwork number Splitting the company number into multiple devices allows teams or departments to respond more quickly to work lines.

Create an identity with a personalized second number, such as a custom number “(555) PET store” or “(555) flower” Therefore, you can choose not only the burner phone number, but also a more durable work line and professional identity.

Area Code Search for the area code to find the second area phone number for your company or small business.

Business text lessons allow businesses to easily connect with customers using a second or action line.

Sideline – Second Phone Number For Android

Manage job numbers on Enterprise Dashboard employee devices. (For corporate account details, see

Sidline is very useful and efficient for helping small businesses and professionals, so people have ported Google to the second Sidline.

Additional features for the second phone line

Carrier Reliability All calls are cellular, not VoIP, so the second phone number is as stable as the first phone number.

Restricted calls on the second line use existing carrier plans, so no additional call credits are required on the second line.

Message text messages include SMS and photo messages, group messages, and more. So keep all the features you need.

The 2nd phone custom caller ID lets you know which phone number is ringing, so you can prioritize accordingly.

Sideline – Second Phone Number For Android

Record your voice mail separation professional greeting or set up multiple greetings depending on your situation.

Text time Voice time and text make voice mailbox easy to read.

Call directly by voicemail at night, on weekends or holidays

Port Numbering Transfer an existing device number from another device or landline to a sideline.

Access your secondary business number and text from your web messaging desktop.

Sidline is a business number, not a burner phone!
This is the second number for professionals who provide connectivity, inspiration and innovation to small business owners. Keep your personal number and work number separate and manage your business more effectively.

Sideline – Second Phone Number For Android

Sideline will automatically reply with a custom personal message if you do not receive a call on the auto reply action line.


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