Yandex Browser – Fast And Free Browsing For Android

Yandex Browser – Fast And Free Browsing For Android

Yandex is a voice searcher the data is small elegant and safe.

Watch stories, news and videos on the internet and present them as Jane and Bait to suit your interests.

A slow internet connection when using the browser’s automatic turbo mode reduces data usage and speeds up loading of web pages and images.

Combine third-party blocking programs with ad blocking to remove annoying ads from your website.

Protect your privacy when using a public Wi-Fi network and use an efficient browser to protect your system from malicious or fake pages.

Hide irrelevant ads, ads, menus, buttons or interface widgets and use browser mode to keep only text and images related to your screen.

Use the incognito mode to retrieve personal information from the internet, in which the Yandex browser does not detect passwords, search terms and browsing history.

Customize your Yandex browser with any style or style using multiple wallpaper libraries.

Yandex Browser – Fast And Free Browsing For Android

View your favorite websites and bookmarks from any device and sync your data with your Yandex account.

All features of the application
Cash return, discount card, 11 currencies and budget plan.

Game, Photo Posting

Travel the world with Miron and his assistant Cynthia to earn crystals and earn 2,000 or 100,000,000 points per day 1 point = 1 ruble, where to spend In the real world.

Buy or issue Yandex.Money cards by earning cash via Google Pay in online and offline stores. 1 point from instant credit points = 1 ruble. The most popular online stores and services are available.

Discounts and bonuses

It is updated almost every day.
Free cup of coffee today, discount on air tickets

In the morning Write down what you want and use it whenever possible. Shopping at All Express, Ozone, MVDO, and other stores offers great discounts.

Free Virtual Card

Ready in seconds: add a card to Google Pay for contactless payments

Enter the store or connect to popular mobile applications (taxi, takeway) Earn cash through reward points for mobile and online payments.

Offer + 10 times

Public currency accounts such as US Dollar, Euro, Tennessee, and Belarus Ruble

Currency after the expiration of the main period. You can buy and sell coins for about the same price as the market.

Yandex Browser – Fast And Free Browsing For Android

Multi-currency support packages can be activated individually to pay in foreign currency and withdraw money from store ATMs.

Loyalty Map

Add your favorite store discount card to the app, then pay for the product you purchased lease
Yolki, IKEA, Austin, Sportsmaster, Petororochka, Metro, etc.

Traffic Suffix

Please pay the penalty immediately when applying online. 50% discount on fines paid within 20 days Work. Subscribe to notifications and never miss a discount. If you specify a driver’s license (VU), STS or order number, the requested traffic jam will be displayed if available in the Official Status Database (GMP GIS). It is a handy tool to check traffic fines, view photos of violations and get notifications of new fines.


Only 5 minutes: You can create a brokerage account on your smartphone, create a portfolio, buy and sell stocks, bonds and coins.

Mobile Service Provider

You can urgently pay for mobile services without fees. You can pay for it MTS, Beeline, Megaphone, Tele2, Yota, Sberbank Mobile, TinkFoff Mobile and other carriers. Internet service provider

Yandex Browser – Fast And Free Browsing For Android

Urgent payment for Internet service at home. You can pay through, Rostecalcom, MGTS, Ufanet, Acado, TTK, online and other providers.


The app chooses the cost, so you always know where your money is going.

Other Payments:

▪Utility (with QR core) Steam, tanks and other game worlds,
▪Non-contact and Odnoclassniki imbalance.
▪Russian banks repay loans.

Currency Trading

* Yandex. Money Portfolio Power (no commission),
* Card-to-card (cards issued by Russian banks)
* Between card and wallet.

Portfolio and card management

In the application you can:

• Check the balance of the portfolio and think on the card (no commission is charged),
• Find and pay for the nearest kiosk.
• Vehicle configuration and delivery
• View transaction history of cards and wallets
• Change the pin code of card, provide travel information and cancel the card.


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